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Why RevSoft is ideal for Cloud.

February 8, 2022

RevSoft runs NATIVELY on each platform and runs on your existing hardware - there are no Additional Servers required.

RevSoft run on all Server types:

• Mainframe, • IBM AIX, • IBM iSeries,
• LINUX, • WINDOWS etc.  

RevSoft is a Distributed model so there is no Master Server (Decision Maker) as in the Centralized model - so there is no Central Point of Failure.

RevSoft installs Engines on every Server which makes it a Decision maker and can communicate with other Servers when required via REV VIEW.

This technology eliminates the need for Master Servers and Agents.

REV VIEW is the Networking Software that allows any Server type to communicate with any other Server type allowing you to have as many Focal Points (Managing Hosts) for Enterprise Views as you require on all Operating Systems.

REV VIEW can communicate with Cloud and on premises Servers alike.

There are no such thing as Emergency Roll Outs if you update an object in RevSoft it takes effect immediately.

If you would still like to have centralized control of Objects (such as Calendars, Policies, Variables, Jobs etc.,) RevSoft can publish from a Server to as many Servers as you require.