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REV DISK See the Disk Pulse of your IBM iSeries

January 25, 2022

REV DISK gives the much needed insight to the DASD Analytics side of Disk Usage, there is also the Real Time Threshold monitoring where you can define Scripts to be executed when:

  • Disk Usage is above a defined percentage,
  • Disk Growth changes in 1 minute (which can be positive or negative).
Disk Thresholds

These Scripts are then executed when the Disk Status triggers it:

Disk Threshold Status

As we were checking the Disk Status each minute why not show the changes in Real Time graphs for multiple Servers or LPAR's.

In the Graph below we have 3 IBM iSeries with 1 in a different Time Zone:

Disk Real-Time Usages

Now you can see the Disk Pulse of as many IBM iSeries Servers as you require.