Secure Cross Platform Data Transfers

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RevSoft does not use Log4j
(December 15, 2021)

ORACLE DataBase Support
(July 24, 2018)


Data Transfer between similar and/or different platforms has become an everyday task in corporations as many different platforms and operating systems.

REV DATAFLOW allows you to execute data transfers in a:

Totally secure      Authenticated      Encrypted

environment that does NOT use FTP.

Resend Interrupted

If a transfer is interrupted and fails (at any point) the process can be restarted at the point where it failed the REV DATAFLOW software will detect the actual data bytes sent and restart the transfer process from that point.


To effectively utilize the band width REV DATAFLOW can compress the data and maximize the data in each transmission, between the two servers.

Data Conversion

As part of the Transfer process REV DATAFLOW can convert data from and to ASCII and EBCDIC. Carriage Returns (CR) and/or Line Feeds (LF) can also be added or stripped from the data as End of Record can be Replaced with other characters/markers. Data from UNIX and WINDOWS can also be treated as a record by record when sending to or from an AS/400.

As REV DATAFLOW is exactly the same model, it runs natively on all platforms

The same Windows .NET User Interfaces are used for all platforms:

  • Host & Enterprise Operations – to manage as well as see and hear all transfers as they are running.
  • Engine – to configure, add systems and migrate data.

One education plan fits all Operating Systems

You control the database locations

The ONLY platform that must have a Local database is iSeries as every i5OS installation has a DB2 instance. On every other platform YOU are in TOTAL CONTROL of the database locations – which can be Local or Remote.

At RevSoft we do have a simple rule:

A Mission Critical server should have a Local database – as long as the Server is up the RevSoft Application Tasks will be executed.