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RevSoft does not use Log4j
(December 15, 2021)

ORACLE DataBase Support
(July 24, 2018)


REV VIEW Connections
(January 14, 2021) (6:13)

REV VIEW Focal Points
(January 14, 2021) (5:29)

REV VIEW Connections.
(August 21, 2020) (6:13)

Control and manage ALL RevSoft applications on any platform throughout your Enterprise using the Networking Framework REV VIEW.

You can always monitor and manage:

Critical Scheduled Jobs


Vital Messages


Data Transfers


Environment Availability


REV VIEW allows you to have:

Unlimited number of Focal Points      Focal Points on any platforms

You control the database locations

The ONLY platform that must have a Local database is iSeries as every i5OS installation has a DB2 instance. On every other platform YOU are in TOTAL CONTROL of the database locations – which can be Local or Remote.

At RevSoft we do have a simple rule:

A Mission Critical server should have a Local database – as long as the Server is up the RevSoft Application Tasks will be executed.